Top tips on perfecting your next meeting or event

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March 19, 2018
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By taking the time to think ahead to your next meeting or event will help you plan for successful delivery. Junior Event Manager, Olivia Unsworth, shares her top tips on perfecting your next meeting or event…


Precision is key – know your timings, numbers and budget

When considering your next meeting or event, think about what you’re aiming to achieve and the more accurate you are with timings, budgets and numbers will help us source the perfect venue. Remember, a jump from 100 to 300 guests can make a big difference to the venues and activities we propose. Having a clear idea of how much you have to spend will mean we can plan a meeting that works for you from the get-go.

By understanding your budget and objectives helps guide us in creating that perfect event – you don’t want to organise your training programme in a high-tech venue, only to end up without enough left in the pot for accommodation.


What’s your objective?

Knowing what you want from your meeting means and the message you want to get across helps us to suggest ways to help you achieve it. For example, if you’ve had a bad year in meeting targets, a glitzy venue for dinner lunch might imply the wrong message.


Where are you going?

Help us find you the right venue by being as specific as possible when it comes to your location. Remember, London is a big place! Consider what you need to ensure the event runs smoothly. For example, a particular train station if delegates are travelling some distance, a venue that requires overnight accommodation, or space to include possible team building activities.


When are you going?

What works in your diary might not suit what happens in your chosen location. Always consider major events happening across the country to ensure you avoid possible inflated rates. We can help you plan ahead, download our Events Calendar that covers all major events to be considered when planning your own meeting or event.


Let us know what’s worked in the past...

…and what hasn’t. If there is a particular venue you like, or dislike will help us tailor what we put forward in future proposals. If there’s a venue you’re keen to see, and if it’s in the UK, we can organise a free site inspection and accompany you determine its suitability.


Nothing is ever too late

We’re experts in what we do and can organise meetings at just two days’ notice – we’ll even make same-day arrangements for meeting rooms. Our extensive knowledge and relationships with hotels will help us negotiate those last-minute deals for you.



These tips are here to make your life easier. Contact the team today to find out how they can help you plan your next event.