Our 10 top tips for creating the perfect long-service recognition event

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The Queen may have overtaken Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest reigning monarch and last year celebrated a Sapphire Jubilee (65 years) on the throne, but how do you go about recognising long service for your own business?  

No matter the size or nature of your business. it’s important to recognise key milestones as you continue to grow. Whether that’s 10 years, 25 or 100 – why not let your employees know your grateful for their continued support in making you the success that you are by organising a recognition dinner.

Long-service recognition dinner…

Here’s some of our top tips on what we feel makes a memorable occasion…

1. Create a brand identity for your event. This is your opportunity to be really creative and bring the culture of your business to life by creating a unique identity for the event. This can simply start as an event logo where this creative concept is carried out through everything you produce, including invitation, registration websites, menus, table art and even your awards (should you be having any).

2. Know your budget. Before looking at venues, you need to decide on your event concept. Do you simply want a dinner with perhaps an awards ceremony and band? Or do you want to push the boat out and throw in fairground rides, casinos or even go for a day time event where you invite the family for a day out. Whatever you decide to do, you need to understand your budget to see just how creative you can be.

3. Source the perfect venue that fits with your concept. Now you have your brand identity, budget and event concept you need to find that perfect venue that will cater for your every need. Make sure you do your research, and when you think you’ve found that ‘perfect’ one, make sure you go on a site inspection and meet the team who will be working with you and make sure it’s the right fit.

4. Personalise the event for your guests. Your guests are your most important part of this event so by adding personal touches along the way, you’ll be sure to get the reaction you’re after. How do you intend to invite your guests? Do you want to go back-to-basics with a personal invitation through the door, or is everyone tech savvy that you can digitalise your invites? Either way, they can be bespoke to your individual guests. These invites are important to get right as they’ll allow you to personalise other elements of your event; perhaps a welcome drink or night cap, or a personal message/gift on the table for them.

5. Customise your menu. After your guests experience, food is obviously the next most important thing to consider (well it is to us) and is something that is easy to get wrong if you don’t carry the necessary food tasting sessions. Have an idea of what you’d like and share this with your event organiser to see whether the chef can cater for your individual requirements. Once agreed, get yourself in to taste the food ahead of your guests to ensure it’s exactly how you want it.

Awards are a great way of recognising and engaging with your guests…

6. ‘Spoof’ awards ceremony. Awards are always a great way of recognising individuals or teams within a business. You can have a lot of fun and get more engagement from your guests on the build-up to your event by asking them to vote in certain ‘spoof’ categories. You can add these ‘spoof’ awards to the end of your official awards ceremony should you decide to have them – this just adds a light-heartened element to your event and brings it back to your employees.

7. Have the right entertainment for your audience. Not everyone is a fan of comedians or magicians, or even live bands. You need to make sure whatever you go for it’s tailored for your audience and that there’s something there for everyone. There are so many options, it’s about choosing the right one for you and your event.


Take lots of pictures so you can create a keepsake memory photobook…

8. One-of-a-kind thank you gifts. Think of high-end gifts that employees will use on a regular basis and customise them with your company’s logo and colours. These will serve as a thank you and a continuing reminder that your company appreciates hard work.

9. Keepsake memories. Once everyone has left you don’t want the event to stop there. Make sure you take lots of pictures (or even leave disposables if you’re brave enough) and create a keepsake memory photobook. This can be designed digitally and shared with all of your guests with the option to download their favourite photos.

10. Have fun and enjoy. At the end of the day, this event is for the business and even as the owner or event organiser you need to ensure you have fun and enjoy the event yourself. Having the right team around you to support in everything you’d like to deliver will help you achieve this.

Does this sound a lot to remember? Not to worry, our dedicated events team have years of experience in delivering these types of events, and have the creative juices to help you create the perfect experience and give your company the recognition it deserves.