Thinking ‘inside’ the box for your next awards ceremony

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August 17, 2018
Conference & Meeting Room Refurbishment at Sopwell House Hotel & Spa
August 23, 2018

With every awards ceremony our priority is that you have the perfect venue to hold what should be your most prestigious event of the year. But once the general ‘housekeeping’ of contract negotiation with the venue is complete – the fun really starts! It’s time to start thinking ‘inside’ the box…

We wanted to share our creative vision on how you can differentiate your next awards ceremony to create that stand-out event that your employees will remember for years to come.

This concept has been inspired by a toolbox and how you can incorporate the different elements of a toolbox into your event. With that in mind… Welcome to the Toolbox Awards!

Our Toolbox event is inspired by ‘thinking inside the box’ rather than ‘outside the box’ wanting to bring together all the different aspects of a company into one entertaining, fascinating, inspirational and rewarding evening for the employees attending.

Just think… the evening event will take place inside a toolbox, where a funfair and circus event is also taking place. A celebration of the company brand, its employees and the companies performance. The room is set up with various compartments within the “toolbox”, reflecting the different departments within your business, with animated screens and characters, reflecting your customers.

The Awards presentation will be built into the main stage area that’s produced one compartment of the toolbox and will be the main platform for presentations and acts.


Within the room, three ladder structures act as performance platforms for entertainment, with supporting beams for mono cycles, tight rope walkers and beam performances. Acts such as fire entertainers and silk and hoop performances will provide both ground and in-air entertainment.

The room is an elaborate celebration within its own little world, guests are “shrunk” into the oversized toolbox reflecting the company and products. Within the space, further funfair style interactive games such as “Snakes & Spanners”, High Striker and an oversized buzz wire game will provide guests with entertainment throughout the evening.

This may sound all hypothetical and targeted at one segment, but here at Venues and Events International, our creative events experts can take any concept and use original ideas to develop something totally unique for you and your business identity.

Don’t forget… the event doesn’t begin when the guests arrive – it starts the moment the invites are sent out. The invitation starts the journey, sets the expectation, stimulates curiosity and builds the excitement and anticipation.

Pre-event collateral is all focussed on engaging with your colleagues, informing them of the event, the timings and all relevant details both given and gathered. It’s an engagement platform designed to shape the event, capture key guest information and personalise the experience from the beginning.

The delegate registration microsite is a key tool in ensuring the success of your event. The microsite also allows for the special touch points to be added allowing your guests to feel like they are VIP’s

The delegate registration microsite is a key tool in ensuring the success of your event. As well as capturing the essential information such as contact details, dietary requirements and health/ mobility requirements, the microsite also allows for the special touch points to be added throughout the event that will make your guests feel like true VIPs.

Also, by having the pre-insight into anyone with health or mobility requirements allows the project team to contact these individuals separately, to guarantee they are comfortable and happy that their needs are going to be met and any concerns they have are addressed specifically in their guest pack.

Finally, the microsite then gives the project team instant access to delegate numbers, allowing regular updates for the venue, helping to manage cancellation clauses and minimum numbers, managing best use of budget at all times. With all this in mind a delegate website is definitely a must for any large-scale event to help keep on top of those important numbers!


Do you want to create something truly spectacular, that’s memorable to your guests and in keeping with your brand identity? Then get in touch with our event specialists who can also ‘think outside the box’ and share lots more innovative ideas with you.