Spotlight on…Ali Syed

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August 30, 2018
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Spotlight on…is a unique look at individuals from Venues and Events International providing insight into their daily roles and why they have a passion for the meetings and events industry. Here is our latest Spotlight on…Ali Syed, Financial Assistant.

How long have you been at Venues and Events International?

I started working for Venues and Events International in the middle of November 2016, a few days before my graduation ceremony was held for completing University, so the timing really played out for me.

What would you say is your favourite venue or destination?

I don’t have a specifically favourite venue, as for destination, The Fairy Meadows, I would say is the most breath taking place I have ever visited. It’s a picturesque valley, at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

What made you want to become a Financial Assistant?

I always felt comfortable during my studies, and being able to conceptualise well what the roles and responsibilities would be in practice. Alot of the current degrees for accountancy promote a healthy lean towards practicality in the work place. Alongside my natural ability of processing figures, it was the go to choice.

What is your biggest highlight of your career so far?

There was a particular set of bookings, which needed alot of attention to detail, and correspondence with multiple people to ensure everything was recorded correctly. The bookings went on for a few months, and being able to finally reconcile them, and receive positive feedback was a good evaluation point for myself.

Can you describe a typical day of your job?

It’s very different day to day, as mentioned by alot of other members of the teams, it can be very fast paced. With that said, the usual routine would be keeping the hedge tidy as to say, starting off with the bank, and payment reconciliations.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

The biggest challenge was to stay efficient whilst also studying for my professional accountancy exams, which required me to study after work for a period of two months.

What top tip would you give to anyone coming into the industry?

Be open to working very closely with Clients, and seeing things from their perspective. Also having the mental capability to be able to re-arrange tasks depending on their urgency, and get deep down into the detail that is required by the Client.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Fingers crossed I would have completed my Professional accountancy exams and experience required, and would be a chartered accountant.

What gives you that #FridayFeeling?

I give myself a few hours every Friday to organise everything in my inbox, which lets me finish the week knowing everything on my to do list is clear for the following week