The benefits of app technology in events

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With growing demand for technology in events, we reached out to Joint Venture partners, iE Live, to get their insight into the benefits of App technology and how this can be applied to events. Here’s Project Director, Nick Young, on what he had to say…

With the success of iPads in the events space it was only a matter of time before people started to look at their own mobile phones and tablets and wonder, “why can’t I use my own phone”?

With the power of smart phones growing at an exponential rate we have taken our event app and have released it from its shackles. Agendas, speaker bio, document libraries and other content as desired can be stored within the event app, as well as the usual functionality such as the ability to ask a question, fill in feedback forms and take part in votes.

Why use your own device?

One of the first questions to be asked, and a good one too. Using a closed system with the hardware being provided is useful in that you can guarantee the experience the end user will receive, however there are limitations.

What if I want to have access to the app before or after the conference? I couldn’t do this with a closed ecosystem, and I couldn’t provide devices to all the attendees as the hire costs alone would strip out any value this might add.

With an event app system you don’t need to hire any additional hardware, alleviating the pressure this would normally put on budgets. Delegates are also able to use a device which they are familiar with, making for a more comfortable experience. Additionally, content can be made available for any period of time, and updated quickly.

Content is essential for building a buzz around your event

Generating a buzz

Before your event even starts your app can do some heavy lifting by getting your audience excited about it. If they’re excited by what you’re sharing, they are almost sure to tell everyone in their network. Already, you’re building brand advocates who are spreading the word for you.

Content is essential for building buzz about your event. Many events provide exclusive extras within their mobile app such as:

  • Interviews with guest speakers
  • Exclusive updates on the main announcements
  • Insight into the build-up of the show

Create a personalised experience

One size doesn’t fit all, and we know that every event is different. Delegates like the chance to personalise their event and choose what they see and do when different opportunities are available. A mobile event app is a great way to allow people to choose and save their preferred sessions as well as researching the opportunities being offered at the event they’re attending.

an event app will allow you to build individual profiles of delegates attending.

Enhancing networking opportunities

If creating networking opportunities is one of your key objectives, an event app will allow you to build individual profiles of delegates attending with the option to request 1-1 meetings. Delegates can build these meeting requests into their schedule throughout the event ensuring they get to meet with key people.

It even allows you to communicate and network post event. By keeping the event app open, delegates can continue to share content/ideas with one another or as the event organiser to post presentation decks. Just remember – don’t bombard them with sales messages – spam is spam whether it’s via an app or more traditional communication methods – keep it relevant to your audience.


Security of data

With lots happening currently around data hacking in the news, you need to be sure that the data you hold is managed securely. By using bespoke App technology you have the knowledge that the data you’re storing on each of your delegates is secure and contained within your own company security procedures. It gives you the peace of mind that you know it’s being controlled and managed in a safe and secure environment.


The key takeaway

The opportunity to maintain conversation with your delegates beyond the event itself is one not to be missed. It gives events the opportunity to create a buzz and excitement, whilst helping attendees to plan their event experience.

Too often an app can be undermined and is a ‘nice to have’, but as technology continues to drive forward it has real potential to deliver exclusive content and enhance an event’s relationship with its customer base. If you ask me – that is too good an opportunity to miss!


Want to know more about Event Apps? Get in touch with the team today to see how we might support in building the perfect app for your next event.