The importance of getting the food right at any event

December 10, 2018
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January 2, 2019

Following a recent event in San Francisco, Olivia Unsworth discovered a lot about food at events. Here’s some of the key things she’s taken away… 

One of the most important factors of an event can often be the one least thought about. The food is what your guests will remember most; they often won’t remember what you said but how you made them feel. Of course this means ensuring your content is interesting, informative and meets your event objectives but it also means getting food and beverage right.

It’s important to delve further in and make sure the food you are serving is aligned with your event objectives and the running order of the event. For example, if you have a very content heavy day, you will need to ensure that the lunch and snacks you serve during refreshment breaks are energising and high in protein like fruit and nuts. However, don’t forget about the sweet treats for that sugar rush! Similarly, if the main objective of your event is networking, it would be wise to serve bowl food for a quick and convenient working lunch.

Food is just as important at a gala dinner/evening reception as it is during a day conference. You want the quality of food to be high and not so heavy that your guests end up feeling sluggish and unengaged. When choosing a three course meal, it’s important not to repeat yourself between the starter and main by using all the same ingredients; no matter what the seasonal dish/vegetable is … don’t repeat!

As well as making sure the food you serve is of a high quality and the right type for your event, you have to ensure you cater to everyone’s dietary requirements. The vegetarians, the pescaterians, the vegans and then everything in between! Taking time to make sure everyone has been catered for and not just choosing the menu based on what looks good to you is vital because as I said, the food is what your delegates will remember and the first thing they will feedback on.


If you’d like to know more about the different types of food that work at various events, our team would love to share their ideas and personal experiences. Get in touch today!