What is event collateral and how does it bring value to an event?

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January 22, 2019
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What is event collateral and why is it important? Event collateral, sometimes might be ‘a nice to have, but not sure there’s the budget’ or ‘you want it but ran of time to sort it out before the event’. Don’t worry we know that feeling on both occasions. But what are the benefits of event collateral? Why should it be considered an important aspect for events?

Will Dalzell, recently appointed Head of Innovation for Venues and Events International, shares his thoughts on some of the key benefits and how he is looking at it from a proposition in what we can offer clients.

What is event collateral?

Event collateral is anything that enhances the experience of the event for delegates, a touch point for them to interact with the event. This includes save the date postcards, invitations, posters, brochures, leaflets, delegate badges, menus, table place cards, pens and note pads branded with company logo and company slogan especially for the purpose of the event. It is important that event collateral looks and feels alike and is the same throughout as to give a consistent message to delegates. Below we identify how event collateral can bring value to your events:

1. Helps create a brand identity. The design of the event collateral can give the event its own unique identity and help to set it apart from the normal day to day brand. In this way it gives delegates something to talk about and feel excited towards. It feels special or unique to the event as well as giving delegates a unique insight of what the event is going to be like and raise excitement about attending.

2. Can build a story for your event. Depending on the theme of your event you can send invites out to build excitement. For example, for one incentive we ran, it was a Las Vegas theme and therefore created everything with a casino theme. We even designed mini roulette wheels that was sent out with the invite as a teaser. All name badges, menus and place cards continued with the Las Vegas theme and as a post-event gift we created branded DVD of Oceans Elevens, bespoke so that each staff member was a cast member. All these different, and unique, touch points of a delegate journey help to add to the engagement and excitement of attending your event.

3. Helps support your business message. It is important that event collateral supports the overarching business message. If you’re a company that values employee wellbeing, then collateral should be health conscious and tailored to that message. For example, branded water bottles for delegates to use at the gym and branded health food demonstrate this message. If sustainability is high on your agenda then ensuring that everything that is used including invitations, notepads etc are easily recycled or made from recycled paper. Whatever your business message, try to think of ways that your event collateral can portray this message for you.

To Conclude…

When looking at your event collateral, understand your budget, deadlines and exact requirements. Remember, it’s there to enhance the experience of your event so ensure you have what you need and that you can meet the time-frames for designers/providers to deliver. If you’d like more insight into event collateral, and what we’ve delivered previously for clients, get in touch.