Josephine Bradley+web
Event collateral like name badges, menu cards and workbooks all add to the delegate experience.

Josephine Bradley

Commercial and Marketing Director
Nicola Reynolds + web
Watch out for other events happening near yours that could impact availability, rates and travel.

Nicola Reynolds

Finance Director
Steve Schwartz
When negotiating, know your audience and use the right tone of language to get what you need.

Steve Schwartz

Account Director
Kim Collins + web
No event should end when the delegates go home, keep your messages alive linking in with the next event.

Kim Collins

Chief Operating Officer
Lynn Gammage + web
Use social media to promote your event, it will impact a wider audience.

Lynn Gammage

Financial Controller
Andrea New +web
Chair covers and lighting are a helpful way to transform your conference room into a gala dinner.

Andrea New

Client Education Support
Debbie Wood+web
Always go the extra mile – you will be remembered!

Debbie Wood

Accounts Receivable Analyst
Karen Wakefield +web
Always try to go that extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Karen Wakefield

Partner Co-Ordinator
Karen HS
Always try to go that extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Karen Shirley

Finance Assistant
When organising outdoor events plan for all weather and have a contingency plan in place.

Anita Lowe

Chief Executive
Natalie Storey_web
Keep it exciting, informative and try to break up the day with different types of sessions.

Natalie Storey

Executive Support
Chris Lowe + web
Remember delegate safety, carry out risk assessments and onsite inspections prior to the event.

Chris Lowe

Non-Executive Director
A top tip for hotels - always make sure there is a fresh bowl of water outside the front door for us furry friends!

Teddy Lowe

Chief Hotel Inspector