We’re getting ourselves ‘GDPR’ ready – are you?

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April 24, 2018
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May 8, 2018

Here at Venues and Events International, we’ve always prided ourselves on data protection with firm processes in place to ensure the data we hold on our clients has always been protected.

We understand that the new laws behind General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect us all, so we’ve taken this opportunity to review our processes and enhance them where possible. With the support from expert advice, we’ve developed our own 10-step process that we’re working towards…

  1. Deep dive. General overview on where data is used.
  2. Privacy by Design. Completing a full plan to implement.
  3. Staff awareness. Training for all staff underway with regular reviews put in place.
  4. Lawfulness: Ensuring we are compliant in this important area and that the data is stored in a secure way.
  5. Fairness: Ensuring we are fair about everything we do.
  6. Adequacy and Relevance. Ensure we have adequate data and that it’s relevant to provide an efficient service for our clients.
  7. We will be precise in everything we do and ensure we use our data appropriately.
  8. Data Transfers Abroad. Ensure our transactions abroad are treated in the same manner as our UK transactions.
  9. Record Keeping. All data will be recorded and tracked of its usage.
  10. Data Retention and Deletion. Put appropriate timeframes on our data and ensure it’s deleted by deadlines set.