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May 2, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Commercial and Marketing Director, Josephine Bradley gives her top tips for productive remote working.

One of the benefits of working for a business that truly lives their values is flexibility! When I returned from maternity leave I was lucky enough to be able to change my working pattern so that I now work from home 3 afternoons a week. These are my top tips for making sure time working away from the office is as, if not more, productive!

Dress for the day

Do not be tempted to stay in your PJs all day! Getting dressed for work is a big mental drive to productivity.

Limit distractions

You wouldn’t sit in front of the TV in the office so don’t fall in to that habit at home, it can be more distracting than you realise. If you feel the need for some background noise, a radio should suffice – that will fill the silence without being a visual distraction.

“Walk to work”

A 10 minute walk around the block before you start work and when you finish work is a really good mental break between ‘work’ and ‘home’. The combination of fresh air and exercise does wonders for your motivation and energy levels.

Organise your work station

It’s really important to have a dedicated area for work. This is as much for your physical health as your productivity. If you don’t have a proper office with desk, a dining table with suitable chair should suffice. Make sure you can work from a solid surface, sat upright. Having a dedicated work area will also help you to separate work from home when you log off.

Take a break

You’ll be more productive if you stop to take a proper lunch break. Make yourself a meal and log off –take the time to relax and you’ll be more energised and motivated when you start again.

Prioritise tasks

I save my more admin focused tasks or conference calls for the time when I am working from home. This allows me to keep tasks that benefit from face to face interaction for the office and allows me to focus on detail when I’m in a quieter home environment.

Out and about

If you are remote working whilst out and about, don’t underestimate the value of a hotel lobby! Often calmer and quieter than a coffee shop, normally with free WiFi and it’s a great opportunity to scout out the feeling of a new hotel!