Company Roadshow planning – Top tips to consider

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October 12, 2020
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With large business events still on hold due to the pandemic, have you considered a company roadshow? It’s an effective way to get your message to a large audience but in smaller groups that fall within Government guidelines. To help you deliver a safe event, Emma Gales, shares her company roadshow planning top tips.


Consider the geographical location of your audience. You’ll want to:

  • Minimise travelling for your delegates. Where are delegates travelling from , will you want them to only travel an hour for example so we can map and time the route for you.
  • Provide easy access venues.
  • Determine whether parking is required. Venues on outskirts of city centres will have better parking rates or potentially free! Taking public transport, thus city centre could be better as more likelihood that they will have a main train station.

Venue mapping will also help you get the most efficient travel time for your crew and production, whilst getting your dates to work with the location.


What timescales are you working towards and what dates are you looking at? You may need some flexibility to get the multiple venues working within your schedule to help you map out the the roadshow.

Consider site inspections to determine the suitability of the venues you are considering. Venues are carrying out COVID safe site inspections so you can understand the safety measures they have put in place. This is certainly a recommendation of ours to make sure you have what you need to deliver a superb and safe event.

Consider your agenda at an early stage. That will determine whether you require early access into your main space required for set up or rehearsals. We’ll always ensure this is something that is asked of the venue at the outset as there may be additional charges for early access for set up.


It is crucial we can propose not only a venue that is memorable but is fit for purpose and matches your spend as there are many fantastic venues that will fit within most budgets. Set the budget from the outset and we’ll ensure we work within that.

What you want from your venue for your company roadshow

COVID-19 Secure

Many venues across the UK are promoting their COVID-19 policies. If you have particular guidelines in place that your business must adhere to, please let us know at the initial planning stages to allow us to work with individual venues to ensure these measures can be met.


Is green/sustainability policy part of your company culture and therefore need to be reflected from the venue? A lot of venues promote different sustainability initiatives, so by understanding your policies, we can source venues that reflect your culture.

Room Layout

Knowing the number of exhibitors/ delegates you expect at the event will determine the the size of the main room you require. In addition to this, consider whether you will require syndicates and whether you will consider bedroom syndicates.

Networking opportunities

Do you require outdoor space or a networking space separate to your main room?


When it comes to food, is lunch acceptable in the main room or do you require separate space? Will you be holding a dinner and is a private space required?


Consider what your requirements are for AV at the outset and from there we can determine whether we can utilise the Venues AV or this this would need to be outsourced.


Do you require bedrooms? If so, how many rooms and on what nights do you require these?

Leisure facilities

Will the roadshow be one day or more days at each location? If more than one day, you might want to consider leisure time for your delegates – spa, outside space, golf etc.

Those added extras for your company roadshow

As part of the programme, are you looking to have entertainment /speakers/floristry /table art/team building?

We have many suppliers that we have worked with over the years and can definitely give examples of what they can do and we’ll work with them to ensure it fits with the brand and style of the event.

So, if your ready to start planning your company roadshow, get in touch today.