‘We Invest In People’ awarded to Venues and Events International

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Maximise savings
November 23, 2020
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December 2, 2020

Investors In People have accredited the “We Invest In People” award to Venue and Event Management agency, Venues and Events International.

We conducted an assessment, “We invest in people”, in two parts.

With a series of interviews conducted and documents reviewed. We were able to share the reality of what it’s like working for Venues and Events International.

When interviewed about living the organisation’s values and behaviours, one employee said:

“We have 6 values, and they embody how we work with our clients, how we are as people and how we approach things. They’re not separately included in our objectives, but we will reflect back on the values as part of our evidence of achievement.” 

Investors In People came to the conclusion that the team loves working together and enjoys their work environment.

Despite the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Venues and Events International proved that it has a bright future ahead and provides support.

Kim Cavilla, Chief Operating Officer at Venues and Events International said:

“This is such a fantastic achievement for everyone at Venues and Events International. As a team, we’re so used to be around one another, sharing ideas and ensuring we deliver quality services to our clients. As with other businesses, we’ve adapted to a new way of working, but the team have taken these changes in their stride. Although many of us are remote working, our service levels continue to excel and for that I couldn’t be prouder of the team.”

We invest In People
Everyone at the office is very proud of the work they do as a part of a strong family culture.

Embedding the company values and managing to continue thriving. With a motivated and dedicated team that are on the best way to adapt to the needs of clients and the Post-covid environment. The Emerging Leaders Programme, launched earlier this year, is testament to the intention to grow and nurture talent.

When asked about leading and inspiring people, one employee responded with:

“Anita is very passionate about the business and that’s inspiring. It’s a boutique company and I’m not afraid to get stuck in. I feel respected and I like to know I’m doing a good job.”

This certificate is a way of expressing how the business evolved with the innovative virtual events in an uneasy time.  More importantly, protecting their values and establishing flexible working practices during this difficult year. 

Anita Lowe, CEO of Venues and Events International commented on the success of the accreditation:

“I am delighted that after such a challenging year we have been able to achieve this accreditation. It is a true testament of the dedication and hard work by the entire team. Our values are at the core of everything we do and believe in. And despite the changes in how we have had to work this year, our values are still shining through.”

Venues and Events International has built a positive culture based on constant open and honest communication. There is no reason to stop improving. Whatever the future puts ahead of them, the agency has prepared for anything.