In the Know: Virtual Experiences

Elf Day
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December 2, 2020
Elf Day
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December 10, 2020
Virtual Events


Just because we cannot get together at the moment, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! Our lives have been changed forever after landing headfirst into our new world of virtual. What we love about it, is that there are so many innovative and fun solutions that mean we can interact and engage with each other. More importantly, have some laughs and get into the festive spirit! Virtual experiences opens a whole new world and it is here to stay.

Our clients are keen to understand how they can bring their teams together this Christmas. We are able to offer so many different ideas, to support them.

We’ve even tried and tested lots of them ourselves and so we’re recommending based on first hand knowledge.

2020 may have paused our lives but Christmas is still coming and the market is suddenly swarming with ideas for clients to enjoy.

Here are a just a few ideas that Laura Law wanted to share:

Murder Mystery

Our team has experienced this event and we can confirm that it really brings out the good-natured competitive streak in people. Whilst being great fun. By splitting into teams, you have the chance to build a rapport within your groups and it takes no time at all for everyone to feel comfortable to give one another tasks to focus on solving the Whodunnit.

With an unlimited number of participants able to take on the role of lead detectives in a high-profile homicide case, you and your team must work together to gather evidence and identify the suspect at large. A great way for your teams to truly engage with one another.

Escape Rooms Virtual Experiences

Add a twist to your event with a range of exciting escape rooms to choose from. A challenging puzzle where participants are ‘locked’ into a themed space and must solve a series of clues. This event is a great way to boost communication and can support in strengthening skills needed for project management and problem-solving. Collaborating on several tasks is engaging and an amazing way to get to know each other better.

Quizzes hosted by celebrities

Don’t let those trivia skills fall by the wayside! A virtual quiz with some special sparkle might be exactly what your company needs as Christmas approaches. Quizzes on any topics have became extremely popular, but how about you make it special by booking a celebrity host? This will make your employees feel special and what fun they will have with answering interesting questions and chasing a win.

Special Gin Tasting with a well-known brand

While looking to entertain your clients or employees this is an event that we highly recommend. This fun and interactive event will take you on a tasting tour hosted by a Brand Ambassador, and you will get to make your own cocktails, with expert guidance and advice throughout.

The event also includes a fun, faster finger first quiz, where there is a prize up for grabs. Sent out in advance are the high standard gin packs, this builds the excitement!

Wreath Making

Interactive workshops are a great way for a company to boost morale and to create that special Christmas buzz. This relaxing activity is also great for wellbeing as the experience feels relaxed and therapeutic. The attendees will receive the kits in advance. They are created together with an expert who will talk everyone through the process. The finished product can then be proudly displayed throughout the festive season!

TV Game Shows

Play versions of popular game shows from the comfort of your home. If you ever wanted to participate in Family Fortunes, now is the time! Become a contestant and compete with your colleagues. These shows are perfect for both kids and adults alike.

If you want to know more about virtual events, check out our case study which brings some of these ideas to life. If you want to discuss your own ideas, get in touch, our team is on hand to create some amazing virtual experiences with you.