Keeping calm on site – top tips

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December 22, 2020
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Keeping calm

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Keeping a cool head will help you in keeping calm on site! In any situation that might emerge don’t look back and focus on the future solution! You can rely on the people around you. We are here to offer some tips on how to keep calm on-site. It doesn’t come down to only one factor, there are more areas that can be particularly beneficial.

Will, our Head of Happenings, shares so of his top tips for keeping calm on site.

Know your customer

The relationship between you and your customer is vital. Knowing the way they think and act in different situations can prove quite valuable. Facing difficulty onsite and being able to make the correct choice for the customer without having to interrupt them alleviates the pressure of another task for them. It can save a large amount of time for the agency when its employees can make quick decisions here and then.

Make sure you have the right team and they know their role

Your team on site is an extension of you. You have put months of planning and detail into every aspect of your event and the only step left is to execute it. Having a team alongside you that is capable, confident, and reliable is crucial. Reliability and confidence on your team comes from them knowing the ins and outs of every aspect of the event. Checking the employees are briefed in all areas and have the necessary information. Get them to explore every inch of the venue. A successful team must know their part like the back of their hand.

Communication is key to keeping calm

Communication within the agency is essential. You’re going to find yourself in all sorts of bother if you experience breakdowns in links. Making sure you’re conducting briefings each morning and keep in touch during the day. Even in the times of working remotely. It is important to keep everyone up to date.  De-briefing ensures that and allows everyone to give a conclusion of their day. It offers a space to share progress and leads to a more positive attitude. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to get any messages to the team and for them to feedback to you as the leader.

Do not leave anything to chance

You never know what to expect when on-site, what questions can be asked or what tasks may be added. Saying this, it is impossible to prepare for every scenario. Ensuring every effort and to be prepared to move heaven and earth. This can come in many forms from having endless amounts of stationary, knowing the location of the local pharmacy, hospital, cashpoint, or shop, to checking travel alerts and weather. There are so many different elements that can impact your event and the more you plan, the fewer unknowns are going to arise.

Learn from your experiences

Along the way you build a catalogue of experiences and scenarios that you have faced when running an event. Some may be challenging but as long as you keep your head levelled and use everything to your advantage you will be able to make the best out of a seemingly bad situation.  Use your pre-event planning, ask for help form the people who support you and ask for help from those you’ve met over the years. It is possible you make the wrong call at some point but it’s about noticing where you’ve gone wrong and learning from your mistakes.

When you’re ready to start planning events again, get in touch with our Event Innovators and let us help you keeping calm on site.