Emerging Leaders Programme… The story so far

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February 4, 2021
Strengthening our team to support business growth
March 1, 2021

In October 2020, Venues and Events International launched their Emerging Leaders programme. This programme takes three employees through a dedicated training programme, exposing them to different areas of the business they wouldn’t normally experience in their day-to-day roles.

The three Emerging Leaders, Olivia Unsworth, Hay Tang and Kayley Westall, are now four months into the programme and progressing well on their development. The purpose of the Emerging Leader Programme is to develop the employee’s skillset with the aim of becoming future leaders.

Kayley, whose ambition is to become a future Team Leader for the Venue Find team has shared her experience of the programme. “It’s been such a great experience so far and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of my training sessions. Each one has offered something so different and it’s been such an amazing opportunity to be able to get more of an in depth look into each area of our Company and how it works. I’ve definitely enjoyed learning something new each training session.”

Senior Event Manager, Olivia’s, passion lies in incentives and from the programme is striving to be Venues and Events International first Head of Incentives. “Before the pandemic hit, I was starting to get involved in more incentive programmes for Clients and soon realised this is where my future was. The Emerging Leaders Programme is offering so much fantastic experience, understanding the different processes involved, everything from HR, finance and sales. This knowledge I’ve gained, I believe will help me to manage my own team in the future.”

Hay joined Venues and Events International in 2019 after a short work experience stint and was his first role since graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Economics. Joining the Emerging Talent Programme after such a short time with the business has accelerated Hay’s career development at such an early stage: “Coming into Venues and Events International as a work experience student, and then within a year joining the Emerging Talent Programmes has been a huge honour. I’m learning new skills that we wouldn’t necessarily pick up in our day-to-day role from the exposure to the different departments. I have learnt so much in the space of four months that I would fully recommend anyone else that has the opportunity to join a similar programme, to do so.”

Kim Cavilla, Chief Operating Officer, leading the Emerging Talent Programme said: “When speaking to each of our Emerging Leaders to understand their key highlights, all three identified the ‘Your Unique Blend of Colours’ – an exercise that picks out key personality traits that explain why we think and act the way we do. This session was carried out early in the Programme, and immediately helped the way the team understand the different personalities both within our own business as well as our Clients. They now have the confidence to interact and engage with the different personalities.

“Seeing first-hand how each of the team members are progressing is inspirational. I’m extremely proud how they have embraced everything and striving to develop their own careers.”