‘Best-in-Class’ in Employee Engagement

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April 12, 2021
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
April 29, 2021

We take pride in our employee engagement and this been demonstrated by the high results from our recent employee survey showing we’re ‘best in class’. This ties in perfectly with our ‘Individual’ Company value, and how we recognise each and every one of our team.

For a Company where we are driven by our passion to network and build relationships, the recent pandemic has had a huge impact on how we can engage. It may have been a challenging year, but we have embraced every challenge. If anything, it has made us more resilient by having to reconsider our strategy on how we can ensure employee engagement and morale remains high during these virtual times.

The recent employee survey, carried out by our venue gurus, event ninjas and financial number crunchers showed:

  • 100% of employees agreed or strongly agreed we live and breathe our values.
  • 100% of employees agreed or strongly agreed we have strong communication throughout the business.
  • 100% of employees agreed or strongly agreed they are clear on their own role, objectives and expectations of them.
  • 100% of employees agreed or strongly agreed Venues and Events International is a great place to work.

Kim Cavilla, Chief Operating Officer, is delighted by these results and the positivity from the team. “Our employees are at the heart of our business and our achievement in Investors in People recognises this. We believe a happy and positive workplace environment, investment in all employees and effective communication, will ensure you get the best out of your employees. I am absolutely delighted with these results. It’s been a tough year with the pandemic, but at no point did we forget to look after our people and these results, I believe show this.”

Nicky O’Sullivan, part of the venue finding team, has worked with CEO Anita Lowe, for more than 15 years and particularly enjoys the close family ethos behind Venues and Events International. “Working for Venues and Events International, you truly feel part of a work family. Everyone is there to support each other, and this is led from the top. Whether it is a personal or business matter, the management team are so approachable, and nothing is too much.

“When the first lockdown hit, and we all had to adapt to working remotely, this was a huge culture change for our business. Simple things like not being able to walk into the office each morning and catch up with the latest gossip before starting the working day or going to the pub once a month where drinks were on Chris and Anita, were instantly hugely missed. This interaction and engagement with fellow colleagues is part of our Company culture and makes us who we are.

“I wasn’t too sure how we’d keep this culture alive going virtual, but the Senior Management Team have excelled, and if anything, we probably feel closer as a team. Every month there is a team virtual ‘coffee and a chat’, we have taken part in several virtual team building events with our strategic partners, and even receive gifts in the post for special occasions. This engagement ensures we’re still very much part of a work family and this culture is extended into the way we continue to work with our Clients. We might not be able to have the live Client events we would normally host with hotels, but we have had so much fun with our Client virtual events, that means these relationships have continued to strengthen. That is why I believe Venues and Events International is ‘Best-in-Class’, not only for employee engagement but for our Clients as well.”

Lynn Gammage, a Venues and Events International ‘Number Cruncher’, supports Nicky’s thoughts on why Venues and Events International are ‘Best-in-Class’ for employee engagement: “This pandemic has had an impact on us all, both personally and professionally, adapting to a new way of life. Throughout the process, despite the uncertainty of where the future led, the Senior Management Team have provided the assurances where they can, always keeping us updated on the latest policies and guidelines to protect us all. The continued engagement from all aspects has ensured morale within the business remains high and that we strive to ensure we deliver for our Clients.”

The Best-in-Class engagement is not just recognised by their employees. Christopher McCarthy, Senior Events Manager from Rathbone Brothers Plc, and a long-term Client of Venues and Events International, recently congratulated the team on their Client newsletter saying: “A huge congratulations to you and the team who put this together. In addition to keeping me updated on top class venues in London and across key parts of the UK it keeps me updated on the great initiatives that you are doing to keep employees engaged and educated. Any business is only as good as the people who work for them and Venues and Events International truly has a fantastic team which they are constantly investing in. This newsletter gets better and better so a well done to you all!”