Are you ready to start planning your 2021 Christmas Party?

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Christmas party

Group Of Friends Dressing Up For Christmas Party Together

Christmas 2020 was not quite what we had in mind, but we certainly made the most of it as Christmas went virtual. We hosted some amazing virtual Christmas celebrations including wine and gin tasting experiences, Gingerbread masterclass and even escape rooms. The ever-improving virtual platforms and available options for a virtual Christmas meant we were able to ensure our clients were able to celebrate with their teams, safely from their own homes as not to miss out.

We caught up with Laura Law, Account Director, to determine the future of Christmas parties.

What was the uptake and feedback from the 2020 virtual Christmas parties you organised?

A virtual Christmas was quite a daunting aspect at the beginning of lockdown, because it is one of our favourite times of year. Why? Because we love to help companies celebrate a year of success. However, we have some amazing partners in team building and production, that we came up with some truly amazing options.

We found very quickly that the possibilities were endless – quite literally, as all of our events are bespoke thus suited to each clients wants, desires and budgets. Our alternative event proposals primarily focused on evoking festivity within the home. And we soon proved that virtual events do not have to be boring!

So, what is in store for 2021?

As we look ahead to 2021 – and yes, we have already started receiving high volumes of enquiries – we are looking at virtual, hybrid and in-person options for our clients.

Although lockdown measures will have eased by Christmas, there of course may still be uncertainty at what the future holds. And so we need to prepare accordingly. For some businesses, conventional Christmas parties might still not be an option. Having experienced our virtual solution last year, they may feel more comfortable to continue with a virtual option for 2021. The benefit of that is our production and team building partners have continued to enhance their virtual offering. So we’ll be able to go above and beyond what we delivered in 2020.

Alternatively, there are some clients who are desperate to have that in-person celebration. Traditionally, we have organised a variety of shared party experiences or themed events that give that wow factor, creating a night of amazing memories.  

Of course, depending on the ease of restrictions, we hope our Christmas events will be able to proceed in person (fingers crossed). We will have contingency plans in place should the worse happen and we’re faced with another lockdown or some restrictions back in place on capacity levels within venues. With that in mind, there is the possibility of holding hybrid events. This means in-person attendees could be limited to a first-come first-served basis, with those unable to make it attending via zoom. But don’t worry – whichever option we go with, there will always be the added Christmas sparkle.

Is it too soon to start planning?

Wherever we may be this Christmas, once thing I can promise, is that we’ll deliver an event to remember. But we need to start planning now as we’ll want to ensure we have the right contingency plans in place. Not only that, because of the high demand on in-person events, venues availability is quickly diminishing. Therefore, if you want your favourite venue this Christmas, we need to start booking it now!

In order to secure the best Christmas celebration possible, be sure to get in touch to discuss your best options.