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July 19, 2021
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Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial within the realm of the “Business World”. This can be put down to the combination of the growth of consumer consciousness and businesses’ overall aims to operate as environmentally friendly as possible.

According to a survey by Deloitte (2021), approximately 1 in 3 consumers stopped buying certain goods due to concerns about their sustainability. We pride ourselves on our great efforts to run sustainably as we view the practice of environmentalism as a collective duty. Taking the extra mile at the start of this year, we started our mission to consolidate our aims of achieving maximum sustainability with the help of Greengage Business Solutions.

Greengage Business Solutions have created the Ecosmart accreditation, which we have actively sought to obtain. This is widely recognised and is only gettable to companies, hotels and venues that showcase eco-friendly operation in specific areas. Venues and hotels are awarded accreditations ranging from Bronze to Platinum. This is depending on how eco-friendly they operate in alignment with EcoSmart’s requirements.

Our company sustainable declaration

Our company also adheres to our company sustainability declaration. We encourage sustainability by promoting the use of “green” venues to clients when possible. Promoting virtual and hybrid meetings and generally embracing the principle of thinking green. Fortunately, our company’s established relations with specific venues allow us to advise clients regarding the most sustainable venues and hotels to host meetings and events. However, our considerations go beyond the basic practice of environmentalism that most hotels and venues incorporate. Thus, we actively seek and invest in partners who are often Ecosmart accredited and consist of exceptional ethical and sustainable endeavours such as:

  • Provision of charging points for electrically powered cars.
  • Easily accessible by public transport.
  • Provision of its own technical equipment (reduces the need for the organisation of equipment transportation).
  • Opportunities available for activities that are outdoor or in natural surroundings.

Our partners sustainable achievements

Some of our existing hotel partners who align with our company’s personal sustainability priority include:

  • Wyboston Lakes –  Have accumulated several prestigious awards regarding their sustainability and have recently revealed a 42 per cent reduction in the usage of single-use plastic.
  • Radisson Hotel Group – Boast approximately 450 RHG hotels accredited with verified eco-labels; have reported a decrease in the average energy and water footprint by 30% over the past 10 years. They have remained dedicated to their sustainability ethos and commitments even amid the pandemic.
  • IHG – All their hotels adhere to the IHG Green Engage environmental management system. This offers multitudinous solutions to aid hotels’ aims to reduce their environmental footprint. All the hotels also report their carbon, water and waste.
  • De Vere – Partnered with ChemoEco, thus exclusively use products that are phosphate-free, naturally sourced and 100% biodegradable.
  • Lime Venue Portfolio –  Venues have achieved external awards for sustainability, and they also operate according to internal measurement and benchmarking standards.

Furthermore, we also advocate for venues that prioritise sustainable event consumables. Specifically, concerning food, this includes venues that mainly use British suppliers instead of relying on imports, prioritise organic produce, and have menus that offer an array of vegan and vegetarian options. 

Other sustainable initiatives

Another method of practising sustainability includes providing eco-friendly prizes for giveaways, for instance, Beebombs. Beebombs are handcrafted seeds which when planted, can help aid the British Wildflower habitat, which has experienced a 97 per cent decrease since World War II. Prizes like this are quirky and make a fun change yet are also beneficial for the environment. Other minor but thoughtful measures include the alternative use of dry-wipe whiteboards over flip charts and reusable name tags that can be collected at the end.

Besides ensuring our hotel partners contribute as much as possible to eco-friendly operations, we also encourage online meetings and events. Virtual events have been increasingly popular over the past year for obvious reasons; whilst it requires effort to create a similar atmosphere as an in-person meeting, the convenience and environmental benefits are worth it.

Hosting virtual events eradicates the need to travel, thus helps to minimise the amount of CO2 emissions that come with attendees using personal cars to travel and the need for air-con to ventilate a crowded venue. Hybrid events, which consist partially of in-person and virtual attendance via streaming, are also encouraged. Again, by a select number of attendees travelling in, CO2 emissions are decreased, especially in comparison to an entirely location-based event.

Waste reduction

Finally, combatting waste reduction is also at the top of our agenda. We aim to fulfil our goals through eco-friendly alternatives and measures. For example, if a client required a pop-up shop or exhibition stand, we would recommend one made of recyclable materials. Another way we reduce waste is by limiting paper use; apps are used where possible to replace paper handouts, and presentations are encouraged to be done electronically. When printed materials are essential, we ensure they are double-sided and that recycling bins are available.

Food wastage is also a specific target; approximately 29 per cent of food in hotels is wasted. Thus we precisely choose dining options that tend to reduce food wastage.

Overall, we hope that through our commitment to the practice of environmentalism in all areas possible. Our company can continue extending our eco-friendly influence and ultimately leave a positive stamp on the corporate world.

Find out more about our sustainable vision and company declaration.