Venue Spotlight: BA Negus 747

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Our Venue Spotlight this week is a British Airways Negus 747 Aircraft. This unique venue is a retired BA Negus 747 grounded in Cotswold Airport. The plane was bought in 2020 by the Chief Executive of Cotswold Airport for a single £1 coin. However, refurbishing the aircraft has set the owner back half a million pounds.

This particular aircraft had been used by British Airways since 1994. In it’s 16 years of aviation, it had flown almost 60 million miles across over 13,000 flights. It’s very final retiring flight was from Miami to Heathrow in April 2020.

The rows of seats have been stripped out to open up the plane’s interior. A dance floor has been laid down, along with an area for DJ decks, strobe lights, giant TV, and even a bar where the galley used to be. But it’s not just parties that the Negus 747 caters for. It is also a great meeting and conference space for businesses. Even Netflix have enquired into renting this aircraft to film a new Netflix documentary. The one-of-a-kind space costs a steep £1,000 an hour to rent out.

Couples can choose to get married in the Negus 747 as the whole aircraft has a wedding license. The happy couple can get hitched in the cockpit of the plane for a little over £10,000.

As well as the entertaining section of the aircraft, most of the ‘party plane’ has not been touched and has been preserved as a museum piece. This part of the plane will be open for tours starting from March 2022. Also, there is an education facility at the venue for school and college groups. As well as all this, there are plans to have a cinema for locals on site.

Why We Love The Venue

We love this venue as it really is one-of-a-kind. The restoration of this iconic plane has been executed perfectly and it is such a versatile venue for all kinds of events. It has the capacity for weddings, meetings, conferences, parties, and any other event you can think of. We also love that some of the original features have been kept to be able to educate people on its history.