Venues and Events International has acquired ISO 27001 and We Invest In People accreditations

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After months of ongoing assessment, Swindon-based event management and venue finding agency is excited to share this success. Relationships between businesses and clients are built on trust and reliability. That’s why accreditations such as the ISO 27001 and We Invest in People and are valuable to clients when choosing an agency to collaborate with.

ISO 27001 is a standard of information security that shows that the business has processes in place to ensure their clients’ data is secure, and there is no risk to their information. Anita Lowe, CEO of Venues and Events International commented on what this accreditation means to the company: “Having security standards is all part of our due diligence processes we have with our clients. We already do this, but to have this recognition demonstrates exactly how we put those processes in place.”

Venues and Events International have been developing their information security management policies since the company was formed in 2015 and have been implementing these over the years. Lowe continues: “Although many of these policies were already in place, we felt the business was in a position to go for the accreditation. We’ve found it’s an important consideration for winning new clients and I know will be valuable in tenders, as it shows that extra level of care for clients.”  

Venues and Events International has also been reaccredited with the ‘We Invest in People’ recognition awarded by Investors in People, for its second consecutive year. Kim Cavilla, COO of Venues and Events International is delighted to retain this accreditation. “Our business is all about our people and valuing everything they do! So, to retain this recognition means the world, because it shows how much our people believe in us. Each and every single one of them really believe and live our values. That could be the team that are back in the office, or the team that’s on site delivering our events.” 

As well as supporting evidence, interviews were conducted by the assessor with employees. In the interviews, one employee said their “manager is amazing… I can approach her with issues. It’s a very open, supportive and encouraging relationship.” The assessor from Investors in People told Venues and Events International that they felt they have a culture of openness and honesty throughout the organisation. They have a proficient leadership ethos as they coach and support their Emerging Leaders, as well as the rest of the business.

The assessor mentioned that in the three and a half years that the accreditation has existed, they have rarely come across an organisation that is so committed to its core values as much as Venues and Events International. Their company values are now a clear part of their people and processes and embedded in their DNA.