Emerging Talent Progress with Kira Clinton

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July 13, 2022
July 20, 2022

First launched in October 2020, our Emerging Talent programme takes three employees through a dedicated training programme. The programme exposes them to different areas of the business they wouldn’t normally experience in their day-to-day roles. It allows individuals to expand their knowledge of business operations and heighten their professional skills.

Kira Clinton, Event Executive, is one of our latest Emerging Talent stars. She shared with us her progress so far, and how the programme has helped her personally.

Kira, tell us, what’s your favourite part of the Emerging Talent Programme so far?

So far, my favourite part of the experience has to be the budget day. This was the first session where the finance forecasts spending for the year. We got to see where the budget for events comes from and how they strategically fall in place throughout the year.

Has it met your original expectations?

I had no idea what the Emerging Talent programme would bring, but it fell in line with my expectations once it started. It became eye-opening to see other sides of the business and to see how other departments operate.

The Emerging Talent programme has allowed me to learn more about communication. I’ve completed a session with our Account Manager, Sue Burgess, about sales and account management which has given me a true insight into how we communicate with our clients and suppliers. It’s also shown me how other people handle clients and situations that may arise, which has allowed me to use some of those skills with my own clients.

How has the programme helped you to expand your role at Venues and Events International?

It has opened my eyes to how all roles connect in some way. I began to understand that my role as an Event Executive has an effect on finance, but also a domino effect on all departments. It has become clear how much different department teams can help others and how vital it is that everyone works together.

What would your advice for anyone who would like to take part in Emerging Talent programme?

“Anyone thinking of doing it, just go for it. It’s good to do and you can learn so much from it.”

Although our Emerging Talent stars have already achieved so much, it’s far from over. Kira is still looking forward to hosting a client event with some of our Account Managers, as she has never been to a client event before. As well, she’s just excited to keep on learning new things and bettering herself in the process.

Kira has already demonstrated incredible success by making it on CN’s 30 Under 30 List as well as being shortlisted for Rising Star at the CN Agency Awards 2022. We look forward to the many more achievements she will receive in the future.