Emerging Talent with Nicky O’Sullivan

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July 27, 2022
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August 4, 2022
Emerging Talent

Last month we shared Kira’s insight into her journey on our Emerging Talent programme which takes three employees through a dedicated training programme.

Next up, Nicky O’Sullivan is another of our Emerging Talent stars. She’s also shared with us her progress so far, what she’s looking forward to, and how it has helped her personally.

Nicky, what’s your favourite part of the Emerging Talent Programme so far?

Even though I’ve not had many sessions, I have already had insight into other departments and how they operate. I enjoyed working with Finance as I able to understand more about profit & loss, determining budgets, and how this really affects the business. It was interesting to be able to see how everything works behind the scenes. Especially in places that you wouldn’t usually think much about.

Has it met your original expectations?

Yes, I’d say it has met my expectations. What I’ve learned from different departments is eye-opening. But from the whole programme, I expected and hoped to gain a greater understanding of all areas of the business. And that’s what I’ve already managed to do. Even in the short amount of time I’ve been a part of the programme.

I’ve gained a feel for what’s expected from me as well during the Emerging Talent programme. I’m now aware of how the meetings are run and what to look ahead to next time. I know I’m expected to throw myself into learning more, and this is something I can’t wait to continue doing.

How has the programme helped you to expand your role at Venues and Events International?

Before the programme started, I was recently promoted to a new supervisor role. So, I’m now able to take what I’m learning and implement my newfound deeper knowledge of the business into my daily work and with the added responsibilities, support the rest of my team.

Nicky, along with our other Emerging Talent stars have already achieved so much. But it’s far from over. Nicky is looking forward to learning more about conflict management and being able to resolve situations herself. Also, she’s excited to be able to sit in on board meetings and sales meetings, as she’s keen to learn more. We wish Nicky all the best with gaining more skills and knowledge with this programme, and the best of luck for her first sales meetings.