Planning Your Christmas Party In Advance

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With heatwaves scorching the country and record temperatures hit this summer, there is no better time to start planning your Christmas party. In fact, the importance of planning your event early cannot be understated. August is set to be the biggest month for festive party bookings and venues will begin to get booked up in Autumn.

Recently, Hannah attended the Christmas Party Show at Haberdasher’s Hall, giving us an insight into a hosting venues’ perspective of these events.

Here’s a few things to consider…

  • The next 3 months will be a very busy period for enquiries as many firms will look to book out venues to beat the Christmas party rush hour.
  • 42% of clients have budget approval but are still yet to book a date.
  • Only 2% are not planning a party this year. Considering how small this number is, it shows just how competitive venue-finding can be.
  • November dates could be the way to go. Not only will there be more availability this month but having your event in November could also save costs and free up the month of December, which tends to be a busy time regardless.
  • Telling clients to book now. Postponed 2021 parties are also causing availability issues on prime dates.
  • £110 pp (exc. VAT) is the average budget.
  • Venue costs and packages have increased. Increased demand will lead to higher costs.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share a few of our own top tips for planning a Christmas party…

What To Look For When Choosing a Venue

When in search of a venue with the capabilities of hosting an event of this fashion, here’s what to look out for:

  • Venue capacity – The venue should be able to comfortably accommodate large events. It should also be able to offer a layout that is event specific.
  • Location – The chosen location must be convenient for all parties. Attendees must be able to make their way with ease. Choosing a venue that is close to airports/ train station or has suitable parking nearby is vital to the success of the event.
  • Price – The desired venue must comfortably meet the budget for the event. Often not all costs are considered, leading to overspending.
  • Amenities & extra fees – Rental cost is not the only expense you need to consider, so it is important to research the venue’s own policies beforehand. Some venues include tables, chairs and setup costs, but may charge extra for food or special requirements.
  • Entertainment options – they must be flexible in order to tailor the event space to provide the bring your event to life. This means successfully housing the entertainment the client requires.

Why You Should Book Your Christmas Party In Advance

The importance of booking in advance cannot be understated. Careful planning is required, and this takes time in order to bring together all aspects and smaller details. Here are some reasons why this cannot be rushed:

  • As Christmas time creeps closer, the frequency of bookings will increase, and the availability of suitable venues will decrease.
  • Sending out save the dates will be easier for attendees. If sent months in advance, everyone can keep the date free, lowering the risk of cancellations.
  • You could miss out on the venue that was perfect for your event.
  • Bookings become more expensive the longer you leave it.

Hannah’s final top tip…

Hannah Giles

“There’s no denying that planning a Christmas party can be stressful, as there is a lot of careful planning and work required. Leaving it to the last minute will cause unnecessary stress and more problems will arise. Instead start planning now and get your venues booked, this way you’ll be more relaxed and will enjoy the party more knowing it’s gone the way you wanted.

What’s more, by using a agency like us makes your life a lot easier as we are the middle person. It saves them time and efficiency as we do all the hard work for you.

So, book today to ensure you have the perfect Christmas party.”

If you’re interested in planning a Christmas Party, please get in touch.