M&IT Agency Challenge

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August 11, 2022
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Last month Tracy Finnigan, one of our Account Managers, took a trip to Wales for the M&IT Agency Challenge.

What is the M&IT Agency Challenge?

M&IT Magazine hosted a two-day event where they welcomed agencies and suppliers from across the UK. The event consisted of a series of team-building activities, including some time to catch up with suppliers and other agencies. Tracy was put on to the ‘Black Team’ with five other delegates she had never met but got on like a house-on-fire with.

The event was held at the ICC Wales, with accommodation in Celtic Manor. Tracy enjoyed being able to experience the ICC Wales from a delegate’s point of view, as well as getting to try the food in both venues.

What did they do?

On the first day, Tracy got to attend some short, 10-minute-long presentations from suppliers before beginning the team-building exercises. They started by playing an online game named Level Up. This was a series of quick-fire general knowledge questions and tasks, where every correct answer allowed you to level up. This was a great activity to get everyone warmed up and a good icebreaker. Tracy and her group then went to do a high-up rope challenge. Luckily for Tracy, only three people from the team could take part, so she managed to get her way out of the daunting challenge.

The team then had to create a five-minute film based on a topic given to them. The film had to be in the format of a newsreel, presenting a story on the topic. These films were then shown at the gala dinner at the end of the event, where everyone got a good laugh!

On the second day, the delegates got to meet up with suppliers for a 10-minute appointment to catch up.

Tracy’s Verdict

From the whole event, Tracy enjoyed spending time with her team the most. Everyone clicked and worked very well together which made the experience so much more enjoyable. She liked being able to get to know everyone at the challenge as well, as it was such a small and intimate event. And the gorgeous weather they got during the event was also a huge bonus!

To finish, Tracy said “I would like to say a huge thank you to M&IT for having me and putting on such a great time. I can’t wait to come back and do it all again next year!”