FAM Trip to Nice with Louise

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November 9, 2022
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November 22, 2022
Coastline in Nice taken by Louise

Earlier this month, Louise, one of our Conference Executives, jetted off to Nice on a FAM trip. She had an unforgettable time and made everyone back at the office super jealous!

Day One

Louise started off her trip in style at Heathrow Airport in business class. Once she landed in Nice, she went straight to their hotel, the Maybourne Riviera, which was only 20 minutes from the airport. All the hotel staff lined up outside to welcome in Louise and the rest of the FAM group. There were eight ladies including Louise and each got a dedicated staff member to escort them to their rooms. The rooms had the most amazing views across the coast. The 5-star hotel has 17 different room types on offer, catering to any guest’s needs. After settling into their rooms, Louise and the group had a fantastic three-course lunch followed by a tour of the hotel itself. 

After this, the group then went into Nice to the Antara Plaza Hotel for a hard hat tour. The hotel didn’t even have a door yet! But from what they could see, it is clear it will be an amazing hotel. Then the group went into the old town area and had a tour along with some wine tasting in a 17th-century cellar. The wine-tasting cellar was a lovely little hidden venue with fabulous owners.

Feeling very relaxed after some delicious wine, Louise and the group went to Juan Les Pins where they spent the evening on a Penthouse boat. The boat can hold up to 80 delegates when docked and it can even get a car on its roof. The group had their own waiter and chef serving amazing dishes. To top it off, there was a thunderstorm in the dark which made the boat visit a bit more exciting. After this, the group headed back to the Maybourne Riveria after a busy day.

Day Two

The hotel had kindly offered a room service breakfast this day as the group didn’t get much time in their rooms the day before. Louise enjoyed hers on the terrace looking out across the coast. They then all met at 10 am and went to Monaco. There was a wedding on that had hired out most of the city and it was all cordoned off with many famous faces attending. Louise didn’t get to see much because of this but she did get a tour around Hotel de Paris before a private visit to some famous wine cellars. One cellar, in particular, was a favourite of Winston Churchill and Prince Albert where the oldest bottle is from 1815 and the most expensive was around €100,000.

They then had lunch at Sun Marine Spa which overlooks Monaco marina and has secret underground walkways to the Hotel de Paris. The first course came and everyone was already full! The food here was absolutely amazing! Not before long the group were back doing an activity, and after lunch, they hopped on e-bikes for a tour around Monaco. This was a great way to see the area and they made the hills easy to climb. After visiting palaces, scaling hills, and visiting the Oceania Museum, they headed back down to the marina. They then jumped on black rubber boats to have a view of Monaco from the coastline where they could really see how much Monaco is growing. Once safely back to shore, Louise and the group went back to the hotel before dining in a Michelin-star rooftop terrace, Le Ceto at night. The group enjoyed an incredible meal, had a few drinks in the bar and went to bed after yet another busy day.

Day Three

The third and final day was check-out day. The hotel had opened the swimming pool early so that Louise and the group could enjoy it before they left. After having a dip, they did a Cornish Car Tour where they worked their way up to the highest viewpoint in the area and saw some great sights. They drove back down to the harbour area to Villefranche for lunch. The area had a very local, authentic French atmosphere which the group really enjoyed. The minibus then met them with their luggage before they made their last trip to the airport to fly home.

Louise’s Highlight

“The highlight for me was definitely the food. There were so many amazing dishes that I will remember forever and will go back to Nice to experience again. The lovely group of ladies I went with made the trip great too – we all got on so well. And the trip as a whole was planned perfectly by Pierre at Raising Stones Events. He was so knowledgeable and made a great organiser. I can’t wait to go back to Nice again!”