Introducing new values ahead of company rebrand

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January 3, 2023
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January 12, 2023

The start of 2023 has seen the launch of our new company values ahead of rebrand with Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) in spring this year.

Venues and Events International acquired ACE in August 2021. Since the acquisition the two businesses have seen a positive integration with the teams through processes as they start to become one entity. Taking different qualities from both businesses, we’re now successfully delivering an enhanced service offering to clients, and are now in a position where we want this to be portrayed by our new vision, mission and values.

Vision: Elegant event solutions delivered by creative experts.

Mission: We work as an integrated team to make our processes efficient, our services elegant, our people more creative, and continue to be the right choice for event solutions.


  • Elegant: With calm and poise, we always deliver the right solution, seamlessly and without fuss.
  • Together: We are passionate about our objectives and share in our successes. Everything we do, we do as a team. 
  • Innovative: We are creative and experimental, finding new ways of delivering our best.
  • Real: We are grounded, balanced and honest; and above all, good people.
  • Focused: We are on it. Driven and efficient. Delivering success for us and our clients.

The launch of their new values is the final stage of the integration before the official rebrand in Spring this year. Chris Parnham, MD & Client Strategies Director, Absolute Corporate Events comments on how the new values came about. “Our companies are evolving, growing into one and in the Spring, we will be announcing our new name and brand. As part of this evolution, we have developed a new shared vision, mission and value. This is the first big step towards our new brand and our new name will complete this journey. Our values are our heart and soul, the principles we live by. We are elegant together, innovative, real and focused.”

Anita Lowe, CEO of Venues and Events International is excited by the launch of our new values. “Values are the most important area of any organisation. With every client we work with, we ensure we align our values to meet the needs of the client and instil them in everything we do. We are so proud of how far we have come in bringing the two organisations together and we now can’t wait to live and breathe our new values as one company.”

Introducing our new values