Honda Innovation Expo 2019

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Honda annually bring together employees and their innovative business ideas, allowing the opportunity to present inventive new solutions to both peers and a panel of judges, with the best ideas going through a shortlist process to be implemented across the business.

For this event we provided a solution that utilised the client own Swindon site, designing and constructing a marquee structure and site plan for an event with a footfall of 700 delegates throughout the day. By having the event on site it allowed for employees travelling worldwide to see another site in person, whilst also eliminating venue hire charges. It allowed us more flexibility on what we can do with the venue and allowed the use of on site meeting spaces for break outs or private meetings, without incurring the cost of syndicate rooms or risking no availability.

Download : Honda Innovation Expo Case Study

Read the full case study to understand how our events team successfully, and effectively, managed this annual project. Download it here